The Story Behind "Last Chance"

This song came to me two years ago, August 28th 2010, when I was out of town for a music and worship conference. When you go to a worship conference, you are expected to do what? Worship, of course. For whatever reason, I was feeling a slight heaviness and press to get into the presence of the Lord. Contrary to popular belief, this happens to Worship Leaders too! It is nothing like being in a room full of other worshipers, worship leaders, pastors, singers, and musicians who have all gathered together with like mind and one agenda, to worship Jesus Christ. So, I began to question, what was my issue?

One night while at the conference, I had a dream. In my dream, I began to hear an old song that used to be sung in the church I grew up in, "May Be My Last Time". When I woke up the chorus to "Last Chance" was ringing in my head. I immediately ran downstairs of the hotel to try to capture or record to my phone what I was hearing. As I got back to my room and opened the door, there was an infomercial on the television and the spokesperson was saying, "This is your last chance!" I took this as confirmation to the writing of the song and also a reminder from God. No matter how I am feeling, the circumstance, or what others choose to do, I owe it to God to press and to give Him my best praise!  And that is what I did.

Moving forward to this year, this song began to ring in my ear again. I remember one Saturday night, turning over in my mind whether it was time to release this song. It began to take on a greater meaning, a bigger picture to me in light of some of the tragic incidents that were going on in our society. At church the next day, after I lead worship, my Pastor came to the mic and began to admonish the congregation. He mentioned that an old song, "May Be My Last Time", had come to his mind and he went on to talk about the movie massacre in Aurora, Colorado. Those people who lost their lives, never knew that the last words they would utter would be, "I would like a bag of popcorn." I took hold of that word and proceeded with making preparations to release the song.

It's amazing how God will use anything, from a dream to a tragedy to get our attention! James 4:14 says it best, "...whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away." (NKJV) This song is not to put you in fear of death, but to encourage you to give God your all today, not holding back anything for tomorrow.  I believe if that was our daily aim, we would live out our purpose and please the Father! The Giver of Life deserves that and so much more!

Are you giving God your everything, your best today?

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