The Story Behind "Last Chance" 

This song came to me two years ago, August 28th 2010, when I was out of town for a music and worship conference. When you go to a worship conference, you are expected to do what? Worship, of course. For whatever reason, I was feeling a slight heaviness and press to get into the presence of the Lord. Contrary to popular belief, this happens to Worship Leaders too! It is nothing like being in a room full of other worshipers, worship leaders, pastors, singers, and musicians who have all gathered together with…Read more

The Hearing Test 

If you have a natural problem with your hearing, you will seek out a physician, one who specializes in ear, nose and throat.  I looked up the proper name for this type of doctor and discovered it was an "Otolaryngologist"...try pronoucing that correctly the first time, it took me a few. The primary check point for this office visit would be your physical ears. Now what if you find yourself having issues with your spiritual ears, who you gonna call? If ghost busters come to mind, please don’t call them…Read more